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Beaver Marsh Tour Signs

Bald Eagle

This bald eagle was photographed at Beaver Marsh Preserve

Green Tree Frog

The Green Tree Frog lives in the Beaver Marsh Preserve

A small flower

A small flower grows in Beaver Marsh Preserve

Great Blue Heron

Great Blue Heron like these may be seen in Beaver Marsh Preserve


Many species of birds, such as this Bluebird, can be seen in Beaver Marsh Preserve


Other ECWA Preserves

17-Acre Wood Preserve

Albany St. at Perennial Ave.
or Maryland Ave. at Westover Park

Pearl Mill Preserve

700 block of Green St.
at South Ellerbe Creek Greenway

Glennstone Preserve

Glennstone Dr. between
Lady Slipper Ln.
and Amber Stone Wy.